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FMP Computer Services is a family-owned business based in Leander, Texas. We provide web hosting, custom website design and a variety of Internet services for individuals and small business both locally and nationally.

A substantial number of FMP customers are artists, or are involved in businesses which serve the arts. It is our wish to further, with our work on-line, those endeavors which make the world a happier, more beautiful, more musical, more tolerant, more understanding and more aware place in which we all may live, work and play. This in no way limits our services, or our appeal to a wide variety of clients, but serves to provide a model for the spirit of appreciation and attention to detail with which we take care of all our customers. At the core of our approach to customer relations is the knowledge that each customer is an individual with individual requirements, and the time taken to understand and appreciate our customers' products, services, business goals and Internet needs is an essential part of the development of a service relationship with FMP.

As with the majority of hosting services around the world, FMP's services are provided using freely available, community-supported "Open Source" software. This provides us with the greatest possible flexibility and security in managing the diverse needs of our customers. While FMP, like other hosting providers, offers several pre-defined service packages, we realize that the Internet consists of many separate services, and that in many cases a "mix and match" approach may work best for customers with special requirements.

FMP Services .....
Website, email and Internet services hosting
JavaScript, Python and PHP programming
Website design and construction
Instruction in computer and Internet topics
FMP Computer Services
..... FMP Servers
Our server runs The Linux operating system
Web service provided by Apache
Email service provided by Courier
Cloud-hosted by Linode
See our tech page for more informaton
Your IPv4 address is
FMP Computer Services Lindsay Haisley
14206 Spreading Oaks Drive
Leander, TX 78641
PO Box 126
Leander, TX 78646
Phone: 512.496.7118
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